November 20, 2020 Update:

In response to the new Maryland COVID-19 restrictions, we will be limiting customer count to 40 persons at a time. As the cold weather begins to kick in, we understand the importance of minimizing any wait times for our community outside. When our store reaches capacity at certain times, we will give each vehicle a sanitized buzzer when they enter our parking lot so you can wait safely in your warm vehicle until your buzzer is triggered for you to come in. Watch the video!

Our Hours

Due to COVID-19, our hours are 9am to 6pm Sunday through Saturday.

Clarks Essential Items

There are a variety of cleaning items in our store along with a variety of face masks in various price ranges and other items in demand (toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc..

Many essential items are not posted online right now. We are working on getting these items available on a separate Clarks link. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are working on getting a curbside option for essential items as fast as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to make adjustments to help get items out to our community as fast and safely as possible.


    Essential Items

    Purchasing Options

    Many items are from ACE Hardware so they can be purchased online from their site or using the app.

    • Inside – We are limiting the amount of customers in our store to ensure the safety of our community and team, however, our line still moves fairly quickly with several registers.
    • Curbside & Online – Orders can be placed online at Remember to choose our Clarks Ellicott City location during the online checkout process to ensure the correct store receives your order.
    • Phone App – Due to high online traffic, we suggest downloading the ACE Hardware App. It will make it easier to purchase things online and see your rewards.