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The type of paint you choose for your project determines the attractiveness of your home. If you are on an investment project, the type of paint you choose for the interior and exterior can increase or reduce the value of your property.

When purchasing paint, reading labels carefully can help if you are conversant with descriptions used by various companies. But if you are new in the field, reading the label may not serve you a good deal. 

Whether you are remodeling your living room or planning an overhaul on your property, it’s worth spending sufficient time researching the right kind of paint for your project. A quick stop at a store paint can make you realize how tricky it can be to choose the right paint. But worry no more! The experienced team at our Ellicott City hardware store can help you determine the best paint for your situation.

Where Do You Want to Paint?

The area you want to paint should be the first thing to consider before going to a paint store. There are two essential elements to take into account for the area to paint.

Outdoor Surface Painting

These sections of your property are often exposed to weather changes, dirt, wind, sun, rain, and many other factors compared to ordinary indoor surfaces. The type of paint you pick for your outdoor surfaces has to be resilient to all these environmental factors.

Painting Indoor Surfaces

Although not affected by weather, indoor paint is most significant for many homeowners and real estate developers. Hence, aesthetics plays an efficient role.

Keep in mind, the functions of each room determine the type of paint you should consider using. The paint you choose for your kitchen and bathroom is different from your living room. The kitchen and bathroom are high-moisture areas. Therefore, you need to consider oil-based paints rather than water-based paints for these areas. The paint for the bathroom and kitchen also has to be easy to clean and dry.

Picking the Right Paint Color

The color of the paint can be the most significant element for many homeowners. And indeed, color is an essential element when it comes to decorations. The color you choose for your project can also set the mood of a room and the entire home.

Paint stores provide color swatches of sample paints for various colors to choose from. But these swatches may not provide the perfect color when used. To be certain about the color you want, test the samples on your surface space to get a more realistic appeal of the paint you purchase. Some options to consider for paint color include:

  • Light and Bright. Lighter shades can make a space appear more spacious and cheerful. They have a calming effect and can be used on different surfaces. Additionally, you can paint more than one color in the same room.
  • Dark and Rich. If you intend to make bold statements, darker colors can be ideal. However, darker colors such as teal or navy can make the room seem smaller. You might want to experiment with them on feature walls rather than an entire room.
  • Paint Blends. If you want a unique color on your surface, you can mix colors to come up with your preferred blend. However, if you choose paint blends, you should consult Clarks Ace Hardware. The process requires expertise and special equipment to facilitate a fine blending.

Water-based Paints, There Are Options

Water-based paints are the most common type in paint stores. They are easy to work with and environmentally friendly. The two main types of water paint include:

Latex Paint

Latex paint is the most popular option for indoor painting and the most environmentally friendly. It has a weaker smell than oil-based paints and is easier to clean on surfaces – using soap and water can get the job done.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint has become a generic name for water-based paints. Acrylic has a very similar composition and uses latex paint. Acrylic paint is perfect for surfaces prone to more physical contact. This is because they have more acrylic polymers than latex paints, and thus are more durable. Because of the added durability, you should be ready for additional purchase costs compared to latex paints.

It would help to read the label before purchasing as these terms can be perplexing. Different companies’ similar properties between latex and acrylic paint labeling can confuse even experienced buyers.

Oil-based Paints, When Longevity Matters

If you don’t want to repaint your surface as often, oil-based paints might be ideal for your project. Keep in mind, this type of paint can be difficult to apply and remove. After painting, your tools will require specialized solvents in order to clean them.

The two most common types of oil-based paints are:

Alkyd Paint

This is best for surfaces that receive regular friction like floors, furniture and doors. Alkyd paint can give you the assurance of durability. It also provides a smoother finish, not revealing roller or brush marks.

It’s good to remember that oil-based paints usually take longer to dry and have a stronger smell than water-based paints. Cleaning surfaces with these paints can also be quite the task. You may need chemicals like turpentine or paint thinner.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint has become a popular paint type for painters and homeowners. This paint can be incredibly durable and is substantially resilient to wear and tear. If you are considering exterior paint, this might be the best option for you. It is resistant to weather changes and works very well as an outdoor paint.

Again, reading the label carefully or consulting professionals at Clarks Ace Hardware can help you choose the best paint for your project.

Safety When Handling Paint

There is a wide controversy about the safety of paint. So, you have to make a discretionary decision before making a purchase. Read all labels of the paints you pick to understand their components and their effects on humans and the environment. Some ingredients, such as turpentine and lead, can be highly carcinogenic and toxic. At Clarks Ace Hardware, our professionals can take you through all paints available and help you choose the most environmentally friendly yet ideal for your situation.

Our hardware store is full of home improvement experts, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us or visit us in store to get friendly, professional advice on choosing the right kind of paint for your project.