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Houseplants bring a lot of fresh air, beautiful colors, and a cleaner atmosphere to your home. Whether you have a few or one in each room, it is vital to keep them healthy, alive and thriving. Below are a few tips to keep them going and growing so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

1. Match Your Plants to Lighting

Not all houseplants are the same, and some need more light than others. Determine what lighting conditions you can offer your houseplants and then purchase plants that meet your lighting. For example, if you can only provide partial shade, you should not buy any full-sun plants for your home. If you have a room that gets lots of sun, you can purchase and house those plants in that space. You’ll need to know which plant needs more sun than others if you start moving them around to redecorate. 

2. Keep a Steady Temperature

Your houseplants are like plants outdoors that need a specific temperature to thrive. To keep them healthy, it’s best to keep your home at a steady temperature year-round. If you can keep your home between 65 and 75 degrees throughout the year, then you can purchase tropical plants for your home. If you adjust your home temperature to accommodate the winter temperatures, you need houseplants that can handle a drop in temperature inside of your home during those months.

3. Make Sure to Fertilize Throughout the Year

Because most houseplants do not go dormant, you want to ensure they get the appropriate minerals and nutrition throughout the year. If it is not time to replant them, you will need to supplement their soil with the proper nutrients they need to live. A best practice is to make sure you are fertilizing once a quarter or every three months. This is about how long it takes for them to use up the soil nutrients.

4. Develop a Watering Schedule

Houseplants usually enjoy watering once a week, and that is an excellent way to make sure they get the water they need without overwatering them. You want to try and do it on the same day each week, so the water spreads out, and the plants get acclimated to the schedule. Try to do it at a time that works for you and that you will remember. When you water one plant, water all of them, so you do not have any plants missing out.

5. Repot Plants as They Grow

While your houseplant continues to grow, you may find yourself repotting certain plants a couple of times a year. Most plants reach a point where they do not grow as fast, and you do not have to repot as often. However, it is still a good practice to repot your plants annually with a larger pot. This will give the plant the flexibility to grow outward if necessary and fresh soil. When you repot, you aerate the ground and provide the roots with an opportunity to stretch out. This will promote new root growth and ensure the overall health of your houseplants.

Are You Ready for New Houseplants?

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